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Curious about the Corvette C7? Check out these quick tips!

If you're a proud new C7 owner—or thinking about becoming one—you're in luck! We have some quick tips and tricks to get the most out of your new 'vette.

The C7 introduces a number of modes that help improve performance in certain conditions. You can change modes with the rotary controller, to one of the following modes:

  • Weather
  • Eco
  • Tour
  • Sport
  • Track

Ever wanted to keep track of your driving? 2015 models and up feature the Performance Data Recorder—or PDR—tracks your driving data for you to review later. This includes:

  • an HD dash video recorder
  • High-precision telemetry recorder
  • SD card slot (in glove box) for data transfer and transport

We can't fit everything there is to know about the C7 into one newsletter, so here's a roundup of some facts you might not have known:

  • The cupholder divider is totally removable
  • You can turn the HUD display off, or lower the brightness in the settings
  • You can tap on your vehicle on the GPS screen to show your current location/address
  • Pressing the power, home, and menu buttons, the software version will be displayed on screen
  • You can use "Favourites" to save more than radio presets; e.g. nav destinations, songs, tone settings, etc!



Cameron Chappus Posted by Cameron Chappus

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